Frequently Asked Questions

Monday – Friday 8AM to 5PM PST. You can contact us for all your DDC Wheels needs by calling us at 888.332.2580 or email us at We can also be reached through our different social media platforms. You can message us on the different platforms with your questions anytime, and we always do our best to respond in a timely manner.
You can purchase your wheels two different ways (1) from DDC Wheels direct. (2) Through an Authorized Dealer. Some of our dealers are able to install your wheels and some are online only dealers that will ship your new DDC Wheels directly to you.
If you have a question or need to change something on your order, you can contact us at 888.332.2580 or email us at If you have ordered your DDC Wheels through an Authorized Dealer, you will need to contact them direct for details on your order.
If you have purchased your wheels directly from DDC Wheels, once your order has processed and shipped, your tracking number will be emailed to you. If your order has not processed, you can call us at 888.332.2580 or email us at for an update. If you ordered your new DDC Wheels from an Authorized Dealer, you will need to contact that dealer direct for tracking information.
Simply contact our team at 888.332.2580 or email us at You can also download the dealer application in our footer.
We only recommend the use of a mild detergent soap like Dove® and water to clean your DDC Wheels. It is important to NOT attempt to clean your wheels until they have properly cooled. Do not use any types of wheel cleaner on your DDC Wheels, as this will void your finish warranty on all finished wheel. We do recommend applying a polish like Mothers Polish® non-abrasive liquid wax to the finish on your wheels regularly, to help protect the polished finish on your wheels. If you have additional questions about the care of your DDC Wheels, simply call us at 888.332.2580 or email us at
All DDC Wheels are purposely designed to fit Dually trucks that are stock height, and also those equipped with a leveling kit, or a lift kit. Please contact our offices for additional information regarding the right fit for your vehicle. You can also pick a DDC Wheels package on our website by make/model and there are plenty of pictures of the different year ranges of your dually truck for comparison. This will illustrate the estimated stance your vehicle would have with the more popular tires sizes available to you.
All finished wheels have a premium automotive quality liquid paint and an automotive quality clear-coat applied to them. Our Polished finish is a raw aluminum finish and does not have a clear-coat applied.
Yes, we will powder coat your wheels. Contact our sales team for pricing 888.332.2580 or email us at
Yes, all DDC Wheel are TPMS compatible.
All front wheels are rated at 3,500 lbs. per wheel and the rear wheels 3,000 lbs. per, for a combined 19,000 total across both axles.
When you order a set of DDC Wheels, we include center caps with the wheels & lug nuts with every package.
All DDC Wheels should be properly torqued after installation, including after an additional 100-miles of driving on your new DDC Wheels. For more information on the proper torque specs for your vehicle, please refer to SEMA’s WTC (Wheel and Tire Council) lug nut torque spec information.
We attend many of the larger motorsports events in the Nation. For a full list of events to catch DDC Wheels at, you will find them on our website or on our Social Media platforms. If you need additional information about an event we are going to be at, please contact us at 888.332.2580 or
We offer different levels of sponsorship for vehicle builders. If you have additional questions about a sponsorship for your vehicle, please contact us today at 888.332.2580 or email us at